Cory Andis

  • Stand With The Supreme Court Disrupters

    This is Civil Resistance at work...

    In three separate acts of strategic civil disobedience, 13 brave citizen activists have stood up to disrupt the United States Supreme Court and protest their role in the wholesale corruption of our democracy.

    They have spoken out against the Court's outrageous Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions and put their bodies and liberties on the line to defend democracy and to call on all Americans to take action.

    Will you stand with them? Sign the petition.

    Watch unprecedented video footage from inside the Supreme Court of each disruption:

    January, 2014
    January, 2015
    April, 2015





    GOAL: 2,361 signatures
    I stand with the Supreme Court Disruptors. We the People must overturn Citizens United, reverse McCutcheon, and reclaim democracy for all in America.
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  • Let the People Vote

    On Monday August 12th, the California Supreme Court took Proposition 49 off the November Ballot. Prop 49 would have allowed Californians to vote on whether they want to overturn Citizens United with a constitutional amendment.

    GOAL: 284 signatures


    We find it unacceptable that our right to vote on such a pressing issue has been denied and demand that Prop 49 be allowed back on the ballot for this November.

    Restore Prop 49 to the ballot. Restore democracy.

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