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  • 99Rise L.A. Spring Break Party

    Join us for a special night of celebration!

    Try Imelda Torres' chili and load up on grilled and dippable delights. Bring a dish if you wish! ;)

    99Rise LA Team Members and Supreme Court Seven's Mary Zeiser and Irandira Gonzalez will run a civil disobedience role-play workshop at 7pm, training folks on risking arrest and exploring what the process of going to jail for justice entails. Followed by:

    • Live music performance by Marlon Stern 
    • Spoken Word Performance by Matt Sedillo 
    • Multi-Media Set by DJ-Activist Kaisi Berick aka The Siren
    • Soundtrack by Alex Stevens 
    • DIY Art Station
    • Bonfire
    • Games & Prizes
    • Photo-booth
    • Homemade Apple Pie Raffle benefitting 99Rise LA

    Location TBA


    Friday, March 20, 2015 at 07:00 PM · 44 rsvps
    44 RSVPs

Past Actions & Events
  • 99Rise LA - Weekly Team Meeting

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 07:30 PM
    Center for the Working Poor in Los Angeles, CA
    0 RSVPs
  • 99Rise LA - Weekly Team Meeting

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 07:30 PM
    Center for the Working Poor in Los Angeles, CA
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  • Citizens United 5th Anniversary March

    Rally and 1/4-mile march to the L.A. Chamber of Commerce (350 S. Bixel St.) with movement partners Common Cause, MOVI, Clean Money Campaign, Courage Campaign and others.

    4pm: Gather at Los Angeles City Hall Triforium (200 N. Main St.)
    4:30pm: March to the L.A. Chamber of Commerce (350 S. Bixel)
    5pm: Speeches on the steps of the L.A. Chamber of Commerce
    5:30pm: Teach-in at the Grantsmanship Center – Meeting Room (350 S. Bixel)

    Marianne Williamson
    Sandra Fluke
    LA City Councilmember Mike Bonin
    Kathay Feng, Common Cause
    Michele Sutter, MOVI
    Tim Molina, Courage Campaign
    Daniel Lee, Move To Amend
    Trent Lange, CA Clean Money
    Al Saavedra, 99 RISE
    Sharon Kyle, LA Progressive
    Lauren Steiner, Fracktivist
    Brenna Norton - Food & Water Watch

    ATTIRE: red shirts and black armbands

    More details here.

    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 04:00 PM · 149 rsvps
    Los Angeles City Hall in Los Angeles, CA
    149 RSVPs
  • Mourning in America for DEMOCRACY - SF March

    Join our spirited march and rally on the fifth anniversary of the DEATH of DEMOCRACY by the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" decision allowing special interests and big donors to strangle democracy. 

    FLYER & MORE INFO HERE --> http://bit.ly/1G2FXZd

    Hundreds of activists and dozens of grassroots organizations from across California are organizing to SPEAK OUT, with one courageous voice, and reverse this decision! Wear black. (Black armbands will be available.) Some signs will be available and bring your own.

    3:30-4:30 Spirited 1.3 mile march begins at the corner of Market and Montgomery (Montgomery BART) with hip-hop artist for change, Khafre Jay, inspiring all to action. The march will be led by effigies of the 5 Supreme Court (In)Justices. A coffin will be carried to the rally. The march ends up at the rally. 

    4:30-5:30 The rally will be led by a revival-style MC with speakers including: Tom Ammiano, popular former SF Assemblyman and Supervisor; former Richmond Mayor, Gayle McLaughlin who stood up to Chevron and won; Andres Soto, KPFA talk show host; Bill McKibben, 350.org Leader on live audio; Michael Eisenscher on US Labor and the Environment; and more in the works.

    Music and street theater too! Khafre Jay, hiphop artist; the Occupella singers; Michael Sullivan and the Dots; building light projection; street theater with the mock burial of Uncle Sam. Important actions we can all take will be included throughout the event. 

    Sponsors/endorsers include: Money Out! People In! coalition, 99 Rise,California Nurses Association, Common Cause, Courage Campaign, California Clean Money Campaign, Free Speech for People, Money Out Voters In, MoveOn Councils, Move to Amend (Bay Area affiliates), Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center, Public Citizen, Represent.us, San Francisco Labor Council,Solar Justice Alliance, Sunflower Alliance.

    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 03:30 PM · 166 rsvps
    Montgomery St. BART in San Francisco, CA
    166 RSVPs
  • Citizens Unite! Against Citizens United - NY Action

    5 years later, and inequality is worse across the board!

    The Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision is drowning our democracy in a flood of dark money. 

    Join us to play monopoly on a giant 40’ foot Monoply board and take back our democracy!

    Money in politics is a racial justice issue
    Money in politics is a social justice issue
    Money in politics is an environmental issue
    Money in politics is a moral issue


    Support the national campaign for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United! 

    Call for comprehensive campaign finance reform that includes public financing for New York State! 

    Demand and end to pay to play politics! Our democracy will not be sold to the highest bidder!

    A massive grassroots movement has sprouted across the country to fix this problem: 
    • 16 states have taken legislative action to address the problem of money in politics, and NY could become the 17th.
    • 2 states have passed ballot initiatives to overturn Citizens United.
    • 42 states have taken some sort of action declaring their desire to Overturn Citizens United.
    • The Democracy For All Act had a Senate majority YES vote, but fell just short of passing

    Together we can achieve our goal to overturn Citizens United in the next 5 years.

    Wednesday, January 21, 2015 at 03:30 PM · 129 rsvps
    NY Stock Exchange in New York, NY
    129 RSVPs