Basic Team Meeting Format

 Click Here for a printable PDF version of the Basic Team Meeting Format.

Local team leader(s) should prepare for meetings by drafting a proposed agenda, recruiting someone to share their story, and mobilizing team members. As team members arrive, recruit them to fill the meeting roles and distribute readings as necessary. 

Meeting Roles:

  • Team Leader/Facilitator
  • Notetaker
  • Timekeeper
  • Section Leads (Recruitment, Action Planning)


Suggested Meeting Readings:

  • 10 Principles
  • Public Narrative & Resonating Introduction
  • Recruitment Introduction


Sample Agenda: The proposed agenda should generally include:

15-20 minutes for Public Narrative & Group Resonating

10-15 minutes for general Announcements and Updates on Action Planning and/or Working Groups

15 minutes for Recruitment

45-60 minutes for Action Planning and/or execution, other Project Work, or Working Group breakouts

15-20 minutes for Education or Development is also an option to be included occasionally


1. OPENING: [Chant or unity clap to start meeting. Energy!] "Welcome everybody to the 99Rise ___________ team meeting at ____________. My name is ___________ and I will be the meeting leader/facilitator tonight. 

2. INTRODUCTIONS: "So that we can better build a community in our movement, let's take a moment to introduce ourselves” [include icebreaker for small groups where most are new.] 

3. 10 PRINCIPLES: “We always start our meetings by sharing the 10 Principles that govern our movement. Tonight _________ will start us off.” [hand them around] 

4. AGENDA: “Thank you. Let's get started! The proposed agenda for tonight is… Are there any suggestions or requests for other agenda items?... Great, that’s our agenda.”

5. PUBLIC NARRATIVE: “Tonight __________ is going to share their story with us.” [Someone shares their public narrative. Meeting leader/facilitator or someone with Public Narrative & Resonating Introduction reads or paraphrases it. Group resonates.]

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS / WORKING GROUP UPDATES: “Alright! Are we ready to get to work? Great. Next up, we've got updates and announcements from ____________.” [The leader/facilitator introduces each person or working group that is making an announcement or giving an update.]

7. RECRUITMENT: "OK, it's time to talk about building our movement by reaching out to people to join. Tonight __________ is going to lead us.” [Leader/facilitator or someone else can lead Recruitment. Whoever leads should introduce by reading or paraphrasing the Recruitment Introduction with excitement. Always affirm those who are successfully recruiting others and support those who are making an effort. Generally, it is best to write down names of team members with their targets for recruitment on butcher paper, white board, etc. to provide support and follow-up.]

8. ACTION PLANNING / WORKING GROUP BREAKOUTS: "Great. Now that we’ve covered bringing more people into our team and into the movement, let’s get down to action.” [Leader/facilitator introduces any group project work including Action Planning, and if Working Groups are going to break out, prompts Working Group leaders to pitch what they’ll be doing. Working Groups can give quick updates when the full group reconvenes. Action Planning should always utilize the Action Plan Format.]

9. CLOSING: “Great! Thanks to everyone for coming and for everything you do in our movement. Are we ready to rise? Are we ready to take back our democracy?” [Close-with chant, clap, song, group hug with team leader-closing, or other positive reinforcement.]


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