Watch: Video From Inside Supreme Court Protest

WATCH VIDEO taken from inside SCOTUS chambers where 7 brave activists stood up to protest Citizens United on its 5th anniversary. This is only the second time ever that video from inside the chamber has been captured and released (the first time was a 99Rise protest last February).

The "Supreme Court 7" were forcefully arrested, released after being held in jail overnight, and now face trial on federal charges next month. STAND WITH THEM and call to overturn Citizens United & reclaim democracy for the 99%:


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  • Oops. I meant “Chicago Seven”. Please correct.
  • Stirs up memories of the Chicago Severn. Gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes. Go, go, go, 99!
  • Brave individuals that are speaking out against Citizens United.
  • Freedom in United States is a illusion. Super wealthy politicians are the only ones with deep pockets that can run for office. What chance in hell does the little guy have? Corruption in politics is accepted by the mass majority. I am glad to see a group of individuals taking a stand for true Democracy.