99Rise: The Movement to End the Domination of Big Money in Politics

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Last Thursday I protested with the group 99Rise at Citibank. We wanted Citibank to immediately and fully disclose their outside political spending. Not surprisingly, Citibank refused to sign the petition; therefore, we peacefully protested outside of the bank and refused to move until the police demanded we leave the premises or risk arrest.

We had dollar bills over our mouths to symbolize the voter’s suppression by money and corporations. The group 99Rise believes we need to challenge big money now and that “voters deserve to know who really owns each candidate, and faced with an unchecked +900 million flood of dark money” the only option is to demand disclosure from the most likely offenders (99Rise.org). According to 99Rise, “Wall Street has spent $1,331 per minute on political influence since 2006.”

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