Five people protesting 'Big Money' arrested outside downtown bank

Los Angeles Times

Five people affiliated with a group that is demanding banks to be transparent about their campaign contributions to the 2012 presidential candidates were arrested Thursday morning during a protest outside a downtown bank branch, Los Angeles police said.

The arrests took place about 11:30 a.m. at the Citibank branch at 4th and Flower streets. The protesters were among a group of 30 people who marched from Pershing Square.

Those arrested -- including three men and two women -- were booked for failure to disperse and for blocking the sidewalk, LAPD officials said.

The protesters are part of 99Rise, which the group describes on its website as "a nationwide movement waging nonviolent struggle to get Big Money out of American politics."

Members of the group were acting in solidarity with group members in New York who staged a similar bank protest that also led to arrests.

Last month, eight members of 99Rise were arrested at a similar protest at a downtown Bank of America branch, Los Angeles police said.

"Five people protesting "Big Money" arrested outside downtown bank"
Los Angeles Times
Andrew Blankstein and Mark Boster
October 25, 2012


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