Hofstra readies for Mitt Romney, Barack Obama matchup

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[...] At Hofstra early Tuesday, Devon Whitham was wearing a dollar bill over her mouth to symbolize, she said, how Americans are being drowned out by "big money" during this election. She also held up a bed sheet that said, "Obama & Romney Take a Stand Get $$$ Out 99Rise."

Whitham, 27, of Woodland Hills, Calif., has been hosting a table at Hofstra since Monday to gain support from students for 99Rise, a group whose mission "is to break the stranglehold of Big Money on American politics and reclaim our democracy for the 99%."

"This is the moment for students to get engaged in politics, but there is a $9 billion elephant in the room," Whitham said. "We're concerned with how big money has dominated the agenda for both parties and how the needs of Americans can still be met." [...]

"Hofstra readies for Mitt Romney, Barack Obama matchup"
News Day
October 16, 2012


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