Protester at Hofstra rails against campaign cash

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Devon Whitham wore a dollar bill over her mouth Tuesday at Hofstra University to symbolize how she feels Americans are being drowned out by big money during this election. To further emphasize her point she held up a bed sheet that read, "Obama & Romney Take a Stand Get $$$ Out 99Rise."

Whitham, 27, of Woodland Hills, Calif., has had a table out at Hofstra since Monday in an attempt to gain support from students for 99Rise, a movement concerned with corruption in campaigning.

"This is the moment for students to get engaged in politics, but there is a $9 billion elephant in the room," said Whitham. "We're concerned with how big money has dominated the agenda for both parties and how the needs of Americans can still be met."

"Protestor at Hofstra Rails Against Campaign Cash"
News Day
Brittany Wait
October 16, 2012


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