Radical Education Nation

The GC Advocate

[...] Another element of the budding #HereUsNow movement is that we are excited by politics beyond the elections. Many innovative campaigns and projects will emerge this fall that represent a multiplicity of approaches to political engagement in the wake of the 2012 Presidential elections. 99Rise, an organization coming out of Occupy Los Angeles and other movement-building efforts on the West Coast, is attempting to “restore Congress” to one that is held accountable to the people and not corporate money. Their campaign is built around a non-violent organizing model passed on from the Serbian revolution and, much like the Occupy efforts of last year, thousands of people from New York to California will be targeting Wall Street bankers on September 28 via mass arrests. [...]

"Radical Education Nation"
The GC Advocate
Isabelle Nastasia, Conor Tomás Reed
September 9, 2012


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