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  • Sign the Democracy Pledge of Resistance


    More than 8 in 10 Americans now agree that we must put a stop to unlimited outside political spending, and soon our elected officials will be forced to respond to this clear mandate for change. But after the most expensive election in history, our bought Congress will only be held accountable through nonviolent action on a truly massive scale.

    So that's exactly what we'll do. By signing this pledge, you join a growing Nonviolent Army of deep patriots willing to put their bodies on the line to engage in the Largest Civil Disobedience Action in American History. For us to make history, we first need the pledge of 10,000 people like you. Add your name below and together we will win a democracy that finally responds to the needs of the 99%.

    I pledge to be one of 10,000 people who will risk arrest in the Largest Civil Disobedience Action in American History in order to get big money out of politics.


  • We're Ready: Training Report Back

    This summer, 99Rise recruited and trained over 100 new movement leaders who are ready to take on big money in politics. Labor union organizers, Occupy activists, LGBTQ advocates, DREAMers, and many other fired-up deep patriots from endless walks of life have come together under 99Rise to take back democracy. 

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