Get Trained, Be the Movement


In the coming months, thousands of people will come together across our country - on college campuses, in homes, in places of worship - to train and prepare to lead the struggle to reclaim democracy for the 99%.

If nonviolent action is the lifeblood of this movement, our unique, intensive DNA Trainings are its heart. They are the key to the 99Rise model of decentralized, momentum-driven organizing.

Our trainings plug fired-up individuals (like yourself!) into the wider 99Rise community and empower them to become powerful nonviolent warriors in the fight for our democracy. In short, mass trainings are how we translate movement momentum into movement organization.

This free, intensive training will give you the entire “DNA” of 99Rise - everything that makes this movement tick - so that by the end of the weekend, you’ll have received the full set of theoretical, strategic, relational, and communications tools needed to become a 99Rise leader, form an independent team, and spread the DNA in your community. Do the training, be the movement.

Basically, this shit is hot. Don’t miss out on the chance to help build the nonviolent army of the 99% and lead the next stage of America’s democratic revolution. RSVP for an existing training on the Action and Event Calendar, or Request a Training near you below!



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  • e aadhar card download
  • im a student. and we gotta get money out of politics
  • What do starfish and mass nonviolent action have in common? Come to a DNA Training (with me) & find out!
  • I would like to start a local chapter.
  • I can host a training in Orlando Florida. I am willing to organize a group here perhaps from our campuses and lend soldiers to larger national actions. My take on the bigger movement and cause has been developing since I was an Occupy organizer in Iowa in 2011 and you may see how my personal commitment to a fairer society has developed over the years at and…
  • I’m requesting a training in Flint and/or Detroit to be sure that travel is not a barrier to people in those cities. There is not decent public transit in Michigan.
  • NC is getting hot—from the numbers at Democracy Spring and Awakening, to the mobilization of many on the ground—Moral Mondays (Rev. William J. Barber II) and North Carolina Voters for Clean Elections first come to mind—I would volunteer to set up a training and recruit folks for July…
  • I live in Michigan somewhere between the cities of Detroit, Flint and Ann Arbor (home to the University of Michigan). These would all be hot spots to find interested parties in my opinion. I am requesting a training somewhere in Michigan and I will help with organization, outreach and anything else I can.
  • need info on training in Knoxville tn area as I am unable to travel very far.
  • There are no teams near my location. I live in Davenport Iowa. We are situated in what is called the Quad Cities. There are actually five cities in this area they are Davenport (IA), Bettendorf (IA), Rock Island (IL), East Moline (IL) and Moline (IL). I would like to start a team in my area. I will be going through all of your online training and would like information on how I can start a team. Thanking you in advance for you help and for this incredible movement our country so desperately needs.
  • What do starfish and mass nonviolent action have in common? Come to a DNA Training (with me) & find out!
  • Hello, I was part of the Occupy movement in Detroit, let me say it was the first time in my life that I truly felt I was where I was supposed to be, and with the people I was supposed to be with. I would absolutly love to take a leadership role,. My kids are 16 and 17 yrs old and some of there friends are oveer 18, them and thier friends are truly fired up this election year we have already been to Rallies for bernie and trump we cant stand Trump . I guess what I"m saying is I being surrounded by the youth who are fired up puts me again with the people I should be with its what I was born to do. Of course I to need to see the training .
  • I request a training near me (Palm Springs, CA 92264) Am willing to ‘host’ a training (or attempt to ?) Let me know at your convenience. in solidarity
  • What do starfish and mass nonviolent action have in common? Come to a DNA Training (with me) & find out!
  • Are there already any groups in Florida? If so, where?
  • Any training sessions planned for the Philadelphia/ New York area?