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  • End Corruption. Establish Equality. Sign the Petition!

    Sign the Petition!

    Bernie Sanders has it right: "No president... who gets elected... will in fact be able to address the enormous problems facing working families in this country today unless there is a political revolution... unless... we have a mass political movement."*

    We at 99Rise have been singularly committed to building such a movement from the ground up. We believe that if a political revolution is to succeed in overthrowing the billionaire class and winning a real democracy that works for all Americans, it must take on ending corruption as its first fight - and embrace the means of mass, escalating nonviolent action to disrupt business as usual in Washington. 

    If you believe in that movement and if you want to be part of it, sign this petition that declares your support to overturn Citizens United, end corruption, and establish political equality for all!

    We are planning big things for 2016. Nothing short of mass civil disobedience on a historic scale will break through the cycle of big money corruption that now dominates our political system and plagues our government, making real progressive change impossible.

    Nothing short of a movement of militant nonviolent civil resistance will create the political revolution about which Bernie Sanders is so powerfully speaking.

    GOAL: 749 signatures

    I support a Constitutional Amendment and federal legislation to overturn Citizens United, end the corruption of big money in politics, and establish political equality for all Americans.

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  • Obama: Expose Secret Money Corruption

    In his 2015 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama called for “a better politics,” and spoke out against the wave of “dark money” that has overtaken U.S. elections since Citizens United.  But we deserve more than just talk from our President. We deserve action. President Obama should start by issuing an executive order to require federal government contractors to disclose all of their political spending and strike a blow against the corrupting influence of secret money in politics. He has the power to do so at any time, without congressional approval.

    Right now corporations receiving government contracts are able to "indirectly" funnel unlimited, undisclosed amounts of money to those very same politicians and candidates who grant them their contracts, perpetuating a cycle of legalized corruption that uses our tax dollars to bribe politicians and enrich corporate America. 

    Stand in solidarity with 99Rise activists from across the country who took nonviolent direct action to demand that Obama step up and do what's right, and join the over half million Americans who are demanding government transparency and corporate accountability: sign the petition to call on President Obama to expose secret money now. 

    GOAL: 703 signatures

    To President Obama:

    Corporate government contractors are spending enormous sums of money influencing our elections and corrupting our democracy in total secrecy.

    I urge you to sign an executive order mandating the full disclosure of all political spending by federal contractors so that We the People can see who is trying to buy our votes with our own tax dollars.

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  • Sign the petition: Stand With the Supreme Court Disruptors

    Stand With The Supreme Court Disrupters

    This is Civil Resistance at work...

    In three separate acts of strategic civil disobedience, 13 brave citizen activists have stood up to disrupt the United States Supreme Court and protest their role in the wholesale corruption of our democracy.

    They have spoken out against the Court's outrageous Citizens United and McCutcheon decisions and put their bodies and liberties on the line to defend democracy and to call on all Americans to take action.

    Will you stand with them? Sign the petition.

    Watch unprecedented video footage from inside the Supreme Court of each disruption:

    January, 2014
    January, 2015
    April, 2015





    GOAL: 2,361 signatures
    I stand with the Supreme Court Disruptors. We the People must overturn Citizens United, reverse McCutcheon, and reclaim democracy for all in America.
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  • Brave individuals that are speaking out against Citizens United.

  • Let the People Vote

    On Monday August 12th, the California Supreme Court took Proposition 49 off the November Ballot. Prop 49 would have allowed Californians to vote on whether they want to overturn Citizens United with a constitutional amendment.

    GOAL: 284 signatures


    We find it unacceptable that our right to vote on such a pressing issue has been denied and demand that Prop 49 be allowed back on the ballot for this November.

    Restore Prop 49 to the ballot. Restore democracy.

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