May 27th: National Day of Action Banner-Drops

WE DID IT! On Wednesday May 27th, local teams from across the country took to streets, the bridges, the parking structures, and the downtown high-rises of their cities and communities to unfurl big, beautiful banners with a clear message to President Obama: stop the dark money corruption of our democracy.

Americans overwhelmingly agree on two things: that there is way too much corporate money in politics and that we as citizens have a right to know where that money is coming from, especially when it’s influencing which companies are being rewarded withour tax dollars. 

Well right now, corporations receiving government contracts are able to funnel untold sums of campaign cash to those same members of congress who are responsible for - you guessed it - rewarding those corporations with billions of dollars in lucrative government contracts. And they're able to do this in complete secrecy. 

So not only are corporations deliberately corrupting our democracy for their own narrow self-interest, but they're able to do so with total anonymity, without disclosure and without accountability. 

Luckily there's a silver lining here: President Obama can issue an executive order to require federal government contractors to disclose all of their political spending, and he can do so right now, without congressional approval.

But if we know anything about history it's that "power concedes nothing without a demand." Now is our time to take action and make our demand. Here's what you can do right now:

1) Join the over half million Americans who are demanding government transparency and corporate accountability and sign the petition to call on President Obama to expose dark money now.

2) Share this image on Facebook and spread the word about the National Day of Action! 



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  • Janice and David,
    I read your data on Controlled Opposition. To me, it seems like the ideal is opposed to group organization to stop money in politics or what we should now call our corporate headquarters. While each group is separate in its function, I do believe they all work together in some capacity for the betterment of the United States citizens and the issues at hand, which would make them all controlled opposition, which I seriously doubt. If you can show me this and not just post something misleading on a page, about 99Rise it would be nice. I like this organization and what they do.
  • Elaine – there is no FB event page for the national day of action but there are for the local ones.

    Diana – the assertion by David and Janice that we are CIA front group is pure nonsense. We are a nonviolent, independent grassroots organization. There is no evidence to support that claim and the rest of what David has to say undermines his credibility beyond repair (i.e. “Hitler was a jew and the holocaust is a fantastic hoax,” etc). In fact, much of what he says is hate speech and for that reason the comments will be deleted. If they continue, he’ll be blocked from posting.

    We welcome feedback and dialogue or debate in website comments but not libel or hate speech. Let’s focus on organizing and taking action together to end corruption and win free & fair elections in the US.
  • What makes you think this is cia?
  • Love y’all! #solidarity always! Do you have a fB event page for this?
  • I agree with David Allender, this is likely CIA Bullshit. Go to for the real deal!!!
  • This will accomplish absolutely nothing exactly as it’s creators intend it to. (This is a CIA/govt. owned operation, it’s called “controlled opposition”) Go to for REAL change and REAL democracy! Check out the Ballot and you’ll see what really needs to happen in every single county in America!