Executive Order Petition

We the People are raising our voice and taking our demand to roll back "dark money" corruption into our cities and communities. Whether you're heading out to drop your banner or recruiting folks to come to a planning meeting, don't forget to bring along a petition and get people plugged into the movement.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the executive order petition: "Obama: Expose Dark Money Corruption"

When you're back home, please take a minute to fill out this simple data-entry sheet and forward it as an attachment to info@99rise.org so we can add them to the over 550,000 people who have already urged Obama to issue the executive order.

Remember that every signature we gather strengthens our movement organization by growing our online networks, giving us that much more ability to build momentum and escalate to catalyzing campaigns of mass civil disobedience - because nothing less will cut the mustard when it comes to wresting our democracy from the hands of billionaires and corporations and placing it firmly within the grasp of the 99%.


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