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The 10 Principles of 99Rise

99Rise is a social movement organization working to win real democracy and progressive change in the United States through nonviolent civil resistance. Our first fight is to win fundamental reform that ends the corruption of big money in politics and establishes political equality regardless of wealth. As an organization and community, 99Rise is founded on 10 Principles which are its primary governing force. These Principles are the defining agreements that unite us and provide for the maximum freedom and creativity of all members while ensuring that our individual efforts work in harmony to advance our common struggle. They are the following:

1. Nonviolence: We are a nonviolent movement and we maintain nonviolent discipline, as defined by the 99Rise Statement of Nonviolence, in all our actions.

2. Strategic Unity: We pursue the goal of Constitutional and federal legislative reforms that establish political equality regardless of wealth by mobilizing a critical mass of active public support through campaigns of escalating nonviolent action. In all our efforts, we act within the basic plan of the 99Rise Grand Strategy.

3. Common Message: In all our communications as a movement, we use a shared frame of popular values, vision, and narrative consistent with that of the 99Rise Declaration of Purpose.

4. Decentralized Structure: Leadership is distributed throughout our organization and members and teams are autonomous in all matters & actions that are consistent with these 10 Principles and the 99Rise Constitution as a whole.

5. Democratic Cooperation: We practice democratic collaboration to maximize participation, effectiveness, and empowerment. We take collective responsibility to uphold the 10 Principles throughout our movement.

6. Inclusion: We welcome all who embrace these 10 Principles and work to create an empathetic & inclusive community in which everyone is affirmed and supported in developing as a leader, especially people of color, women, LGTBQ people, low ­income people, and others who are marginalized. We strive to overcome racism, sexism, class, homophobia, and all forms of oppression in the 99Rise community and our country.

7. Pluralism: We affirm that there are many different roles, organizations, and institutions that are important to our struggle and welcome partnership with any person or group that shares or may help to advance our goal and with whom we may work while upholding our Principles.

8. Leadership as Service: We affirm and respect leadership not as dominance or profit­seeking but as an act of service and responsibility and a process of development and empowerment.

9. Voluntarism: 99Rise is primarily a volunteer, non­professional organization and any staff exist to provide essential support and direction to volunteer activity and are paid according to the ethic of voluntary simplicity.

10. Open Affiliation: We are an open movement. Any individual or group may affiliate with the name & symbols of 99Rise so long as their actions & statements as 99Rise are consistent with our Principles.

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  • and I heard you wanted to get money out of politic? I am curious where you ge your money from now…the DNC? because you are telling people to vote for the only polician running for president that was proven to take money from bick banks, Saudi arabia and others. Thanks for stabing the movement in the back Disapointing…NO! upseting
  • “Democracy”, or a Republic? Your choices are:
    A. The Majority Unlimited, in a Democracy.
    (I.e.; “An elective despotism” – Jefferson.)
    B. The Majority Limited, in a Republic.
    (A written Constitution, safeguarding Individual and Minority Rights.)
    1. “U.S. citizen” with only “civil rights” per the “14th Amendment”,
    2. American Citizen (State Citizen) with “unalienable Rights”?

    Uncertain? Thank the “government schools”, for that!
  • 10 core principles are the governing force of 99Rise, ensuring that we work in harmony to advance our common struggle.
  • You’ve got my respect, support and love. Kai demonstrated understanding and commitment to Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy.
  • Transparency, while implicit in your principles, if it were explicit would strengthen this movement.
  • Couldn’t agree more. However, I do have some ideas that can enhance the movement. I presented them to Kai, and I hope they get some consideration.

    Prof. Gregory Ghica
  • You just proved that 48 days and 500 miles CAN make a difference.
  • Great principles. I couldn’t agree more.

    Prof. Gregory Ghica
  • Before I join I would like to know where the money comes from? who funds 99% Rise ? Who are the bottom line funders. And who funds the funders. The reason I ask is because the people who are the money givers, end up being the hidden controllers. This happens so many times. The real people behind the money are the ones who we are fighting against. They end up controlling the debate. And they cover their tracks by having many layers of organizations funding other groups. Thanks
  • if you folks really want to change the u.s., then your 100% of your energy and attention needs to be focused upon the lawyer industrial complex. lawyers have invaded infested polluted every level of politics, gov’t, wall street, etc… at every level. they are the key backers, campaigners, fundraisers for the politicians, who then get the tens of thousands of new and laws passed – every year. and every new law (and all their associated riles and regs) are one big giant lawyer industrial complex stimulous package. and combined, new laws, rules, regs exceed over one hundred thousand – every single year. look at who’s behind or deeply involved in every single clusterfu.k – its a lawyer or lawyers. virtually every lobbyist is a friggin lawyer. the lawyers create controversies – because it then takes three lawyers (defense, prosecution, judge) to sort through all the bs. forget about occupy wall street – its time to focus on – occupy the lawyer industrial complex – sticking it to america and americans – one politican, one ceo, one gov’t official, one case at a time. get focused. its the lawyers stupid.
  • Thank you for your values, actions and morality.
  • a really big step for attainting true democracy