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Bernie Sanders has it right: "No president... who gets elected... will in fact be able to address the enormous problems facing working families in this country today unless there is a political revolution... unless... we have a mass political movement."*

We at 99Rise have been singularly committed to building such a movement from the ground up. We believe that if a political revolution is to succeed in overthrowing the billionaire class and winning a real democracy that works for all Americans, it must take on ending corruption as its first fight - and embrace the means of mass, escalating nonviolent action to disrupt business as usual in Washington. 

If you believe in that movement and if you want to be part of it, sign this petition that declares your support to overturn Citizens United, end corruption, and establish political equality for all!

We are planning big things for 2016. Nothing short of mass civil disobedience on a historic scale will break through the cycle of big money corruption that now dominates our political system and plagues our government, making real progressive change impossible.

Nothing short of a movement of militant nonviolent civil resistance will create the political revolution about which Bernie Sanders is so powerfully speaking.

I support a Constitutional Amendment and federal legislation to overturn Citizens United, end the corruption of big money in politics, and establish political equality for all Americans.

GOAL: 600 signatures

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