Building A Pluralistic & Inclusive Movement Culture

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To win, 99Rise must be able to unite the 99% - people from all the different and sometimes conflicting communities, experiences, and cultures that make it up.

The dominant culture makes uniting the 99% very difficult - because it doesn't create the space or teach the practice of deeply listening to, honoring, and affirming the experience of all individuals and communities, especially those who have historically been marginalized and oppressed by racism, sexism, class, homophobia, religious prejudice, and other forms of discrimination in our nation.

99Rise as movement will create this uniting space by:

  • Encouraging the practice of empathy,

  • Establishing the values of pluralism and inclusion, and

  • Promoting a model of leadership and community grounded in shared vulnerability.

This approach allows us to work together in a healthy way that acknowledges and affirms our different experiences, including the unique privileges, challenges, perspectives, and gifts that each of us brings to our movement, while empowering each & every one of us to become the strongest leader we can be.




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