Public Narrative, Resonating, & Recruitment Introductions

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Public Narrative & Resonating Introduction

Part of our movement culture and organizing approach in 99Rise is the practice of public narrative - sharing stories of Self, Us, and Now to motivate and connect with each other and ground ourselves in our deepest values. We begin our meetings with one person sharing their personal narrative followed by group resonating. Resonating is sharing about what in someone else's story touched or inspired you or what you felt related strongly to your own experience. Resonating is not an opportunity to critique someone else's story or challenge any particular point, idea, or feeling they shared. It is important when resonating to maintain an attitude of respect, appreciation, and shared vulnerability. “l statements" are most appropriate. Also, please be mindful of the time allotted for resonating and keep your sharing to 2-3 minutes or less. Generally, there isn't time for everyone to resonate and no one should feel pressured to do so. Tonight ____________ is going to share their story with us.


Recruitment Introduction 

Recruiting and working with others is one of the four basic tasks of every member of 99Rise. We build the movement by reaching out to others to invite them to come to an action, meeting, training, or other opportunity to join the movement. Generally, we each work toward the goal of bringing 2 new people into our offline team and 10 people into our online community. This is a time in our meeting to support each other in making individual commitments for how we each are building the movement through recruitment. There's no shame or pressure, it's all about support and encouragement. I'll be leading us tonight. Let's get started...'

[Note: Most often there is a specific action or event for which we are recruiting - a training, creative action, outreach/education event, party, etc. If not, use your next meeting as the basis for going over who each of us is reaching out to and how it's going. Go over each person in the room and their targets & progress. Make it fun and supportive.]



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