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Fifteen people can disrupt the Supreme Court, drawing national media attention.

Five thousand people could shut down the Capitol and force our politicians to respond.

Ready to make history together? It's time for mass nonviolent civil disobedience. Sign the Democracy Pledge of Resistance and join us.

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  • I am a grandmother with 2 grandsons & one grandchild on the way. I am a supportor of 99 Rise. We all need to show our support. We need to get big money out of politics. Unless the 99 % speak up change will not happen. We all can make a difference. Show your support. We must ALL speak up…just think…there are 99 of us to every 1 of them. We can beat the 1 %. We can really make a difference…support 99 Rise. I do. I want a better government, a better country, for my grandchildren…I hope you want that as well for yourchildren, grandchildren or future grandchildren. Support 99 Rise as I do.
  • the utter gall and hypocrisy of the SCOTUS must be exposed!
  • The gall of the SCOTUS … muzzling true free speech in the name of granting special privileges to the speech of the rich and powerful … how far indeed we have devoluted!
  • If the supreme court is not answerable to the people, then who?? Corporations? Politicians (who ARE supposed to be answerable to the people)? They MUST answer to the people!
  • I am the 99%
  • Well Done !
  • Call me anytime. I am Poor but not totally ignorant. I wish to be involved. Not as fodder for stat building.
    If you have a stratigizing committee I wish to communicate my availability to input my views.
    I understand if you’d rather not engage in this fashion with a total stranger. I have been looking for you for a long time, you have not necessarily been looking for me, yet.
  • Go Team! 😁
  • It seem like people are starting to catch on and are starting to understand Citizen United is killing our country and we need to end it now
  • It’s great to see courageous, informed people standing up for the right ting. This is one of the most important issues facing us today.