Tell Obama & Romney: Take a Public Stand On Money In Politics Before Election Day!!


The second presidential debate at Hofstra University doesn't have to be our last shot at having both President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney debate the problem of big money in politics.

This pressing issue is of extreme concern for the vast majority of Americans. A recent poll found that a whopping 87% of voters believe that “reducing corruption in federal government” should be the 2nd highest priority for the next president (“jobs” was 1st).*

Yet despite widespread outrage at the massive amounts of money flooding into this election (the most expensive election in history), the candidates were asked nothing.

Neither candidate has a great scorecard on this issue (Obama C, Romney D-), but both have referenced the need to address unchecked "outside" political spending.** But with Election Day right around the corner, voters deserve a clear and commited answer:

Will the next president commit to supporting our movement’s efforts to free American democracy from the domination of Wall Street cash, billionaire mega-donors, and shadowy super PACs - or will they avoid challenging their big money sponsors?

By demanding that each candidate simply tell us where they stand, we can get voters the facts they need to make an informed decision at the ballot box, and help establish a concrete electoral mandate that we can (and will) use to hold the next president accountable.  

Will you add your voice to the growing call for answers by signing this letter?

* Gallup Poll
** The Nation (Romney); Huffington Post (Obama)


Dear Mr. President & Mr. Governor,

We, the undersigned, call on you to give us the answers we deserve on an issue that threatens our very democracy: the corrupting influence of big money in politics.

Eighty-seven percent of voters say eliminating political corruption should be the next president’s second highest priority (Gallup). With Election Day nearing, these voters urgently need to know your position.

We call on you to take a public stand on reducing the influence of money in our elections and repairing the harm done by the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision.

Thank you,

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