We're Ready: Training Report Back

Photo2.jpgThis summer, 99Rise recruited and trained over 100 new movement leaders who are ready to take on big money in politics. Labor union organizers, Occupy activists, LGBTQ advocates, DREAMers, and many other fired-up deep patriots from endless walks of life have come together under 99Rise to take back democracy. 


After each of these DNA Trainings, I’ve seen brand new nonviolent warriors come out feeling more empowered than ever, and been told again and again by seasoned organizers and activists how refreshing they find our unique integrated model.

The movement is growing every day. Through mass trainings, we have organizers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Boston, San Francisco, and New York laying the groundwork for their own trainings, planning dynamic actions, forming new teams, and building the movement from coast to coast.

Super PACs, Dark Money groups, and all the would-be Koch brothers out there better watch out! I’m confident we’re ready to finally reclaim democracy for the 99%! So get excited, request a training, and just remember: Democracy Arrives 9/28 ...

Emma Gerch
99Rise Trainer/Organizer 
Occidental College 2015

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