Steps For Volunteer Leaders

Volunteer leaders form the backbone of our decentralized movement to win a real democracy of, by, and for the 99%. Are you ready to step up and take leadership with 99Rise? Below are some steps you can take right now to plug into our grassroots networks, learn more about our strategy of escalating civil resistance, and grow the movement in your own community. 

  1. SIGN: Add your name to the petition to Get Money Out of politics.
  2. CONNECT: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  3. WATCH: Check out this 3-minute introduction video to 99Rise.
  4. ENGAGE: Sign up for the next Online Orientation to 99Rise and sign up to Volunteer.
  5. LEARN: Read the Declaration of Purpose, the 10 Principles, and our Grand Strategy.

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  • Until we #EndCitizensUnited, nothing will ever get done for the 99%. Ending Citizens United should be the 99% of Americans highest #1 PRIORITY over any other issue!
  • You can never get enough training. Always open to learning and finding ways to get our message out.