Who Are We?


We are the 99%, in all of our tremendous diversity. We are the students and young people, the homeowners, the workers, the families, the immigrants, the seniors and retirees, and every other American sick of seeing their democracy serve only the interests of the 1%. United by a common vision, a common strategy, and a set of simple, clear guidelines, we work together in a decentralized movement where every community is empowered to take independent, creative action and every member is encouraged to develop as a leader.

How we work together ...

IMG_0934.JPG99Rise is organized more like a “starfish” than a “spider”. 

We all know that if a spider has its head or leg cut off, it will end up dead or severely crippled. As Ori Brafman & Rod Beckstrom note in their seminal work "Starfish & the Spider", with starfish its a very different story. Starfish have no head, and can regrow lost limbs. And get this: because their major organs and essential biological information are replicated throughout each and every arm, certain species of starfish can even regenerate an entirely new starfish from a single piece of arm.

Similarly, and drawing on additional insights from swarm theory, open source design, and network marketing, 99Rise works through a model of decentralized organization that distributes our essential leadership information and capacities (what we call “the DNA”) throughout the open network of our organization.

The decentralized organization and distributed leadership of 99Rise is made possible through our intensive 2-day DNA trainings, as well as our Online Basic Trainings and monthly Online Orientations. These DNA trainings empower local groups and individual leaders with the set of theoretical, strategic, relational, and communications tools they need to form a team and independently organize creative nonviolent actions that contribute to a nationwide coordinated campaign and build a unified movement. 

We can never have too many teams nor too many passionate leaders. Request or join a training and be the movement!

Where we come from ...

In the wake of several years of uprisings for democracy, justice, and equality at Occupy encampments across the nation, a group of Los Angeles organizers active in Occupy came together to launch a vehicle to propel the 99% movement to a new stage.

This diverse team of activists combined experience in the student, labor, immigrant rights, anti-war, racial & economic justice, LGBTQ, women’s, and global justice movements. They sought to bring together lessons from all those struggles as well as the long history and recent explosion of innovation in strategic nonviolent conflict.... and 99Rise was born.

This website is the 501c4 site for 99Rise.